Stand Alone TPM Assembly

The Stand Alone TPM Assembly Station is a special process run or repair facility for the tire room. The system incorporates new state of the art DC nut runners with digital feedback encoders.

  • The Operator picks wheels to be processed and places them onto the Stand Alone TPM Assembly Station
  • Operator manually orients the wheel for the process
  • The operator inserts the TPM into the wheel
  • The operator lowers the nut runner over the TPM stem and initiates a cycle. The nut runner system has the capability to:
    • Detect Cross Threading
    • Easy Program of Upper and Lower Limits
    • Less than 10% residual torque loss from time of fastening to Customer Satisfaction Audit.
  • When the torque cycle is complete, the nut runner automatically retracts from the TPM stem and the wheel.
  • The operator manually removes the wheel after the TPM cycle is completed.