Automatic TPM Valve Stemming

(Available in January 2002)

The Automatic TPM Valve Stemmer combines Dominion's technology in conventional valve stemming with the new technology of TPM Assembly. This machine can be provided to do only TPM stems or can have dual stemming heads; one for the TPM process and one for conventional stemming.

  • Wheels are automatically transferred into the TPM Valve Stemmer
  • The wheel is lifted and rotated.
  • A Fiber optic sensor locates the valve stem hole.
  • A TPM valve stem is automatically loaded into the TPM valve Stemmer insertion tooling.
  • The tooling inserts the valve stem into the wheel.
  • The backing nut is loaded onto the TPM stem.
  • A nut runner, with digital feedback encoders, runs the nut down to the proper torque setting.
  • The wheel is lowered onto the conveyor.
  • The wheel is automatically transferred out of the valve Stemmer.