TPMS Readers

FXR Fixed Production line readers

The FXR fixed production line reader is designed for and proven in high throughput production lines where integrity of RTPMS data and maximum read efficiency is essential. Whereas on the road the vehicle ECU has many chances to read the RTPMS, on the production line there is only one read opportunity and the plant environment can contain continuous and sporadic RF noise. This calls for the highest specification of RTPMS reader to give optimum performance.

The FXR achieves this by activating the RTPMS at 125kHz and reading back the RTPMS ID at both 125kHz and 433MHz or 315MHz thereby giving that vital integrity check. Both software and hardware are designed to give maximum reading efficiency even in the (RF) noisiest plant environments.

The device comprises an integrated antenna design for both activation and reading, and a rack mounted processor unit, which can output data on RS485 or RS232 to the Rack Unit. See diagram.

The system is designed to operate on all wheel and tire designs at even the highest line speeds.