TPMS Tools

The range of RTPMS readers from Bartec Auto ID Ltd shown below are officially 'Approved by Schrader Electronics' for use in Vehicle Manufacturing plants, Tire Assembly plants and Dealerships.

BXR-LF family


Tire Line Reader


BXR-LF, BXR-LFB, BXR-LHF, BXR-LHFB and other associated family products. These are the portable RTPMS and barcode reading products specifically designed for the Automotive market. They are used in testing and reading RTPMS at various stages of the manufacturing and assembly process. These are the only portable readers available on the market to give real-time readings. This is vital in the Wheel & Tyre assembly area as there is no time to read at HF (an extra 5 seconds is required) and also the HF turns the TPM on and it is therefore transmitting continuously in the plant thereafter. The Bartec BXR leaves the TPM in sleep mode after testing.

CD-POD and CD-4POD are common charging and upload cradles for the transfer of data to the plant host computers and subsequently on to the vehicle ECU. Radio based upload interfaces are also offered.

Wheel and Tire Test Tool for TPM detection before stemming is designed to be positioned over the conveyor at the exit to the W&T assembly machine and it will work as follows:

  • Logic (24v) signal received from plant system to read
  • Activates at 125kHz
  • Reads at 125kHz. The response time should normally be under one second but if significant local noise then up to 3 seconds (dictated by the LF). If the response is positive then the test tool closes a 'TPMS present' relay and if not then a 'TPMS not present' relay. The reading is at LF and does not awake the TPMS.
  • The relays then activate audible and visual alarms and 'hold' the respective tire so that it can be removed from the line for investigation.

TPM detection for orientation device is a tool which sits over the conveyor at the entry to the W&T assembly machine and is used to ascertain whether the orientation of the wheel is correct before it enters the machine and therefore avoids TPM breakages in W & T.

Again the tool is designed to avoid awakening the TPM.

DXR Transactivator This low cost tools complete the full range of RTPMS readers for dealers and vehicle owners.